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photo by Hollow Rock Fire Department
Tennessee   scanner frequencies

Parish freqencies shown in green contain radio communications information for all agencies and services within a Parish, and Metro area frequencies shown in white are frequencies for a defined Metro area.

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photo by Tennessee City Volunteer Fire Department

photo by WATE News Channel 6
Scanner Frequencies in   Tennessee
Frequency Tag Agency Description
453.02500 Fire Dispatch Anderson County Fire Dispatch
453.47500 Fire Dispatch Bedford County Fire Dispatch
155.14500 EMS Dispatch Bedford County EMS Dispatch
453.82500 Fire Dispatch Shelbyville FD Fire Dispatch
154.42250 Fire Dispatch Benton County County Fire - North
155.18250 Fire Dispatch Benton County County Fire - South
155.55750 Multi-Dispatch Bledsoe County Fire/Rescue/EMS Dispatch
453.10000 Fire Dispatch Blount County Fire Protection District
154.20500 Fire Dispatch Bradley County Fire / Rescue - Dispatch
154.25000 Fire Dispatch Cleveland FD Fire Department - Paging
154.44500 Fire Dispatch Campbell County Campbell County Rural Fire Service
453.78750 EMS Dispatch Campbell County EMS Dispatch
155.05500 Fire Dispatch Cannon County Fire Department - Dispatch
154.37000 Fire Dispatch Carroll County Fire Department
154.29500 Fire Dispatch Carter County Carter County Fire Dispatch
155.16000 EMS Dispatch Carter County EMS Dispatch
154.23500 Fire Dispatch Cheatham County Countywide Fire North
154.87500 Fire Dispatch Cheatham County Countywide Fire South
155.26500 EMS Dispatch Cheatham County EMS - Dispatch
155.31000 Fire Dispatch Chester County Fire Department - Dispatch
154.78500 EMS Dispatch Chester County Rescue Squad Dispatch
154.22000 Fire Dispatch Claiborne County Fire Dispatch
158.76000 EMS Dispatch Claiborne County EMS Dispatch
154.98000 Fire Dispatch Clay County Fire Dispatch
151.07000 EMS Dispatch Clay County EMS Dispatch
463.02500 EMS Dispatch Cocke County First Call Ambulance (Primary EMS *ALS/BLS Runs*)
453.10000 Fire Dispatch Newport FD Fire Dispatch
460.62500 Fire Dispatch Coffee County County Fire Dispatch
155.40000 EMS Dispatch Coffee County EMS - Main Channel
154.10000 Fire Dispatch Crockett County Fire Dispatch
155.53500 EMS Dispatch Crockett County EMS Dispatch
154.44500 Fire Dispatch Cumberland County County Fire - Dispatch
TRS Fire Dispatch Davidson County NO SIMULCAST
154.40000 Fire Dispatch Decatur County Countywide Fire Dispatch
151.77500 EMS Dispatch Decatur County Countywide EMS Dispatch
154.43000 Fire Dispatch DeKalb County Fire Dispatch
155.88750 EMS Dispatch DeKalb County EMS Dispatch
154.32500 Fire Dispatch Dickson County Fire/EMS North
154.41500 Fire Dispatch Dickson County Fire/EMS South (includes Dickson Fire)
154.35500 Fire Dispatch Dyer County Fire Department - F1 (Dispatch)
462.87500 EMS Dispatch Dyer County Ambulance (Paging)
154.22000 Fire Dispatch Fayette County County Fire Dispatch
155.88000 Fire Dispatch Fentress County Countywide Fire
155.73000 Fire Dispatch Franklin County County Fire Dispatch
155.11500 EMS Dispatch Franklin County County EMS Dispatch
159.13500 Fire Dispatch Gibson County County Fire Dispatch
154.87500 EMS Dispatch Gibson County County EMS Dispatch
154.13750 Fire Dispatch Giles County Fire/Rescue Dispatch
453.33750 Fire Dispatch Grainger County Fire/EMS Dispatch Analog
155.32500 Fire Dispatch Greene County Fire Dispatch
154.08500 EMS Dispatch Greene County EMS Dispatch
155.58000 Multi-Dispatch Grundy County Emergency Services - Dispatch (Law, Fire, EMS)
453.76250 Fire Dispatch Hamblen County Volunteer Fire Department
154.38500 Fire Dispatch Morristown FD Fire Dispatch
154.16000 Fire Dispatch Hamilton County EOC Channel
154.31000 Fire Dispatch East Ridge FD Fire Dispatch
154.32500 Fire Dispatch Red Bank FD Fire Dispatch
154.41500 Fire Dispatch Soddy Daisy FD Fire Dispatch
155.88750 EMS Dispatch Hancock County EMS Dispatch
154.11500 Fire Dispatch Hardeman County Fire Department
152.36000 EMS Dispatch Hardeman County EMS Dispatch 1
154.35500 Fire Dispatch Hardin County Fire Department - Dispatch
154.81500 EMS Dispatch Hardin County EMS Dispatch 1
154.41500 Fire Dispatch Hawkins County Fire Dispatch
155.38500 EMS Dispatch Hawkins County EMS Dispatch
154.40000 Fire Dispatch Haywood County Fire Tone Out
155.26500 EMS Dispatch Haywood County EMS Dispatch
154.32500 Fire Dispatch Henderson County Countywide Fire Dispatch
460.57500 Fire Dispatch Henry County Fire Department - Dispatch
155.17500 EMS Dispatch Henry County EMS Dispatch
155.68500 Fire Dispatch Hickman County EMA / Fire Department
154.11500 EMS Dispatch Hickman County EMS - Dispatch & Operations
154.34000 Fire Dispatch Houston County Fire Department / EMS - Dispatch (Backup to D7 TRS)
460.60000 Fire Dispatch Humphreys County Fire Department - Dispatch
154.19000 Fire Dispatch Jackson County Fire Dispatch
155.16000 Multi-Dispatch Jackson County Paging (All Agencies)
460.60000 Fire Dispatch Jefferson County Fire/E-911 Dispatch
460.06250 EMS Dispatch Jefferson County EMS - Countywide Dispatch
155.89500 Fire Dispatch Johnson County County Fire Dispatch
154.31000 EMS Dispatch Johnson County EMS Dispatch
154.43000 Fire Dispatch Knox County Knox County Fire Dispatch (Sharps RIdge Rpt)
453.02500 Fire Dispatch Lake County Fire/EMA Dispatch
453.82500 EMS Dispatch Lake County EMS Dispatch
154.80000 Fire Dispatch Lauderdale County Fire Department - Dispatch
155.65500 EMS Dispatch Lauderdale County EMS Dispatch
155.16000 Fire Dispatch Lawrence County Fire Dispatch
155.40000 EMS Dispatch Lawrence County EMS Dispatch
453.35000 Multi-Dispatch Lewis County Emergency Services - Fire/EMS/Rescue
37.26000 Fire Dispatch Lincoln County EOC County Fire Dispatch (Old Low Band Net)
154.40000 EMS Dispatch Lincoln County EMS Dispatch
453.66250 Fire Dispatch Loudon County Fire/Rescue (includes Philadelphia)
462.96250 EMS Dispatch Loudon County Priorty EMS Countywide Dispatch
155.32500 EMS Dispatch Macon County EMS Dispatch
155.66250 Fire Dispatch Madison County Fire Dispatch Main
154.35500 Fire Dispatch Marion County Volunteer Fire Departments - North Repeater
155.83500 Fire Dispatch Marion County Volunteer Fire Departments - South Repeater
155.38500 EMS Dispatch Marion County EMS - Dispatch (Repeaters in Whitwell and South Pittsburg, Base in Kimball)
154.08500 Fire Dispatch Marshall County Fire Department - Dispatch
155.59500 EMS Dispatch Marshall County EMS - Dispatch
155.62500 Fire Dispatch Maury County Emergency Management - County Fire Dispatch
154.22000 EMS Dispatch Maury County Maury Regional EMS - Dispatch
453.57500 Fire Dispatch McMinn County Rural Fire Departments & Rescue Squads - Dispatch
154.14500 Fire Dispatch McNairy County County Fire Dispatch
155.32500 EMS Dispatch McNairy County County EMS Dispatch
154.17500 Fire Dispatch Meigs County Fire & Rescue Dispatch 1
154.40000 Fire Dispatch Monroe County Fire Main (includes County Haz-Mat, Vonore and Tellico Plains)
154.16000 EMS Dispatch Monroe County EMS Main
453.28750 Fire Dispatch Montgomery County Fire Department - Paging / Backup ("F1")
453.57500 Fire Dispatch Moore County Volunteer Fire Department
460.18750 EMS Dispatch Moore County EMS Dispatch DMR
155.94000 Fire Dispatch Morgan County Fire/Rescue - Dispatch (Both Towers)
155.55000 Fire Dispatch Obion County Fire Dispatch
155.18250 Fire Dispatch Rives FD VHF Simulcast of TRS Dispatch
154.98000 Fire Dispatch Samburg-Reelfoot FD Fire Dispatch
155.92500 Fire Dispatch South Fulton FD Fire Dispatch
154.43000 Fire Dispatch Union City FD Fire Dispatch
154.08500 Fire Dispatch Overton County County Fire Dispatch
154.32500 EMS Dispatch Overton County EMS Dispatch
154.80750 Multi-Dispatch Perry County Emergency Services
154.37000 Fire Dispatch Pickett County Byrdstown Fire Dispatch
154.38500 Fire Dispatch Polk County Fire Dispatch
155.73750 EMS Dispatch Polk County EMS Dispatch
151.25000 Fire Dispatch Putnam County County Fire Dispatch
151.04000 Fire Dispatch Rhea County Volunteer Fire Departments
154.22000 Fire Dispatch Roane County County Fire Paging East
154.96500 Fire Dispatch Roane County County Fire Paging South
155.62500 Fire Dispatch Roane County County Fire Paging North
155.68500 EMS Dispatch Roane County EMS Dispatch
154.38500 Fire Dispatch Robertson County Fire Department - Dispatch (Multicast)
155.23500 EMS Dispatch Robertson County EMS Dispatch
158.80500 Fire Dispatch Rutherford County MED/FIRE Dispatch (Analog) Simulcast on P25
154.98000 Fire Dispatch Murfreesboro FD Fire Dispatch Main
154.32500 Fire Dispatch Scott County Fire Dispatch
155.32500 EMS Dispatch Scott County EMS Dispatch
155.52000 Fire Dispatch Sequatchie County County Fire/EMS Dispatch
454.10000 Fire Dispatch Sevier County Page Channel
453.85000 Fire Dispatch Gatlinburg FD Fire Department - 1 *Analog*
461.00000 Fire Dispatch Pigeon Forge FD Fire Dispatch
451.40000 Fire Dispatch Sevierville FD Fire Department - Paging
154.23500 Fire Dispatch Shelby County Fire Primary Battalion & Ambulance Paging
155.89500 Fire Dispatch Memphis FD Memphis / Shelby County Emergency Management Primary Dispatch
155.02500 Fire Dispatch Smith County Fire/Rescue - Dispatch
159.16500 EMS Dispatch Smith County EMS Dispatch
154.37000 Fire Dispatch Stewart County Fire Department - Dispatch
160.15500 Fire Dispatch Sullivan County Vol. Fire Dispatch Upper End (Simulcast from TRS)
154.43000 Fire Dispatch Sullivan County Vol. Fire Dispatch Lower End (Simulcast from TRS)
154.08500 Fire Dispatch Sumner County Countywide Fire Dispatch
462.98750 EMS Dispatch Sumner County EMS Dispatch
154.19000 Fire Dispatch Tipton County Countywide Fire - Dispatch
151.02500 Fire Dispatch Trousdale County Countywide Volunteer Fire - Dispatch
154.96500 Fire Dispatch Unicoi County County Fire / EMS Rescue Dispatch
453.07500 Fire Dispatch Union County Fire - Dispatch (2 Repeaters, North and South)
460.61250 EMS Dispatch Union County EMS Dispatch
154.31750 Fire Dispatch Van Buren County Fire Dispatch
151.48250 EMS Dispatch Van Buren County EMS Dispatch
155.12250 Fire Dispatch Warren County Fire Department - Dispatch
155.72250 EMS Dispatch Warren County EMS Dispatch
154.25000 Fire Dispatch Washington County Volunteer Fire Departments - Paging Data Only
453.27500 Fire Dispatch Wayne County Fire Department (Waynesboro/Highland Repeaters)
154.44500 Fire Dispatch Weakley County Fire - Countywide Dispatch
155.58000 EMS Dispatch Weakley County Palmersville Community Volunteer Fire Department
154.34000 Fire Dispatch White County Fire - Analog Interface to DMR
155.38500 EMS Dispatch White County EMS Dispatch
460.17500 Fire Dispatch Williamson County Countywide Fire UHF Link
462.95000 EMS Dispatch Williamson County EMS - Dispatch
154.32500 Fire Dispatch Wilson County WEMA Alpha - Dispatch
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